The future of affiliate marketing has arrived


We create exclusive offers with even better commissions, optimized for experienced affiliates running organic traffic. If you have your own blog or an epic little black book of PR contacts, we want you on our team.

Every network promises it. Great commissions. Exclusive offers. Amazing support. Let's be honest, it's not enough - it's an archaic system that doesn't work to offer the support you rightly deserve.

It’s time for a change.


Commission on every repeat order. For life
No middleman pay-outs
No more leaks
Live real-time data
Funnel optimization
retargeting campaigns
generous referral bonuses

Maximise Your Earnings With FanFuel

Fed up of chasing endless new customers for brands whilst the brands’ owners and networks get rich off the repeat orders? We get it!

Join our mission to put the power of affiliate marketing back in your hands.

Tony J. - FanFuel partner
”I have been in the industry for over 15 years and have joined numerous affiliate programs – Fanfuel is the top of the pile by some distance. It’s the people that work there that makes the difference – It’s more than the company name, the FF team have been together for a long time and understand the industry – they understand the top and the bottom – from product branding, website conversion to tracking to managing individual affiliates. I feel as though the FF team are my partners more than just a remote affiliate company.”

Tony J.

Digital Marketer

Repeat sales for life. Guaranteed.

When you make a sale we assign that customer to you for life. Keep earning even if your website gets hit by a Google update.

First Touch

We reward affiliates that add value to the brands. No losing commissions to coupons or review search terms on last click.

Work Directly
With The Brands

Our brand team exists to help affiliates earn more. Guide the development of the brands you work with directly.


We only promote our own brands. With no middleman we can offer you even bigger commissions.

Who Is FanFuel?

FanFuel is owned by Wolfsonbrands with a decade of invaluable experience creating niche defining nutra products with over $450m in global online sales.

We’re a team of creatives, marketers, seasoned affiliate marketers, product designers and visionaries that love creating high demand inclusive brands.

FanFuel Awards

“FanFuel was born out of necessity: the necessity to give affiliates access to a transparent and honest network that truly puts them first.

We create brands and offers that will unlock lifelong earning potential for our affiliates all over the world.

From enhanced & recurring tracking to ensuring the offers and products we create have optimal conversions and maximised life time value.

Our affiliates are an extension of us, we create, move forward and grow together.

With 14 years in the space we still have a passion for what we do and have the team to continue achieving great things, doing things the right way.”

Scott Dingwall


You’re Top Of Our List

You are our first priority. Always. FanFuel rewards affiliates fairly for their effort developing FanFuel brands.

Everything we do is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get the best results promoting FanFuel brands and to reward you fairly for the results.

Powered By EverFlow

The team makes tracking easy with simple setup guides and multiple tracking methods.

In addition 3rd party tracking means you know we can’t ever fiddle the numbers or shave sales. Honest. Fair. Transparent.

Dedicated Affiliate

FanFuel In House affiliate managers provide you the support you want when you want it.

We believe in supporting you in achieving your goals and give you access to our full team to make that happen.

Weekly Payouts

Getting payment on a regular basis and on time is a big deal.

We offer guaranteed weekly payouts.

Never worry about cashflow again even if you’re using paid traffic to promote FanFuel brands.

Ready To Use Resources

We don’t just offer the standard banners, product images and keyword lists.

We work with you to understand your needs and create custom ready to use resources designed for your funnels.

Our mission is to put the power of affiliate marketing back in your hands, so sign up today and let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help you grow your business.


Some affiliate networks just churn out offers. Yawn! Not FanFuel, we create brands that last. There’s a constant buzz around FanFuel brands to keep content fresh and engaging.

You’ll be promoting brands that customers love. Your customers. Watch your customer list and repeat sales grow and earn an income for life.

Our Development Promise

Getting FanFuel products into more customers hands than the standard affiliate offers.

Largest Natural Legal Steroid Brand

Over 500,000 bottles sold

Generous Commissions

Over $6m paid to affiliates

Established Trusted Brand

Market Leader Since 2014

Real World Exposure

Sponsored US Muscle Car Events

Amazing Transformations

Real Results. Real Fast

Safe & Effective

Zero Side Effects

Continually Improved

Updated formulas. Proven ingredients.

Proactive Ambassadors

World class athletes. Engaging ambassadors.

Natural Phentermine Alternatives

Healthy. Effective. Nutritionist Approved.

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Established Trusted Brand

Most popular Phentermine alternative since 2015.

2 of 6

Free Guides With Every Purchase

10 Free Weight Loss Guides Guaranteeing Results.

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Weight Loss Free Of Side Effects

Amazing reviews. Trusted by customers worldwide.

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Growing Weight Loss Blog

Over 200 easy to read weight loss blog posts.

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Generous Revshare Commissions

40% of every sale based on first touch attribution. Boosted to 50% until end of March.

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No risk Guaranteed.

FanFuel makes your life easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re switching affiliate networks or starting fresh our team is here to help you smash those earnings goals!

Fast Onboarding
Get started in a matter of minutes

We’ll get you signed up in a matter of minutes, provide training resources to use the EverFlow system and pre approve you to promote all brands on the FanFuel network. Your tracking links are ready straight away and you can set up alternative tracking methods in a matter of minutes by following simple EverFlow guides.

Link Switch Promise
We’ll pay for you to make the switch

You’ll never be out of pocket for the time involved with switching links. If you have any concerns about the time and effort involved in switching links contact us to discuss the most convenient way for you to make the switch. We’ll either do it for you or fund the switch so you never need to worry about any additional costs of switching networks.

Guaranteed Sales Improvement
Earn more or get double the difference

We’re so confident in our brands that if you switch from a competing affiliate offer then we guarantee you’ll earn more or double the difference. Earn $100 less with a FanFuel brand, we’ll pay you $200, earn $1,000 less and we'll pay you $2,000. FanFuel also works relentlessly to improve the landing page you’re targeting to ensure you get the highest EPC (earnings per click) in the industry.

Our mission is to put the power of affiliate marketing back in your hands, so sign up today and let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help you grow your business.

Got a burning question before making the switch? Take a look at our FAQs or contact us via phone, email or livechat.