Repeat Customer Tracking For Life

Our repeat customer tracking is unique to the FanFuel network. It goes beyond even the market leading repeat order tracking options offered by EverFlow. Ultimately it comes down to one thing, we don’t rely on cookies to track repeat customer orders.

Here’s why:

  • 17% of global internet traffic is private browsing. This means after the initial order, there is no cookie stored to track repeat customer orders.
  • 50% of third-party cookies are deleted after just 14 days, so systems relying on third party cookies are unlikely to track repeat orders. It’s even worse after 1 month, with only around a third of cookies remaining.
  • The same applies to first-party cookies, with 27% being lost after 30 days. The average customer orders two months’ supply per order, which means a large proportion of customers return after their cookies are gone.
  • Cookies don’t work across devices. We live in a world where people are comfortable ordering on a wide range of devices. If their first order is on their laptop but they reorder on mobile, cookies won’t allow you to track these sales.

Don’t just take our word for it, read up on cookies in this great article from Taboola. The impact on accurately tracking your affiliate sales, especially repeat sales, is huge. 

How We Track Repeat Orders

Repeat orders are tracked by our order management system. This is an oversimplification of the full process but here’s a basic overview.

Order received into order management system
We check whether Everflow has tracked this order
If not we check to see if the customer has ordered before
If ordered before we check to see what affiliate made that sale
We assign the sale and you get paid weekly just like any other order

We’ve implemented some clever behind the scenes magic to make you even more money. If you promoted any of our brands before they joined the FanFuel network, we can still assign you repeat customer orders based on new customer orders that were placed prior to them signing up.

What percentage do I get? What’s the catch?

Let’s start with the simple bit: the base commission for all repeat customer orders is 40%. We never want to drop below 40%,  but here are a few reasons we may be forced to do so for some orders in the future:

  • If a repeat customer order uses a large discount code (30%+) we may reduce the commission slightly to ensure the order is profitable. The perfect example is Black Friday. We can’t offer a 40% commission and 50% discount, but we will ensure that we pay the highest possible commission on every repeat order.
  • If a repeat customer order uses expensive recovery techniques to get the customer back buying again. For example, paid traffic, direct mail or anything else that incurs a high cost to recover inactive customers. 
  • If we discover we’ve gone a little too crazy and repeat commissions are causing FanFuel to operate at a loss. Very unlikely, our math is pretty good but it’s the only other reason we can ever see that we would reduce this percentage.

As for the catch, there really isn’t one. The only thing we ask to be eligible for repeat customer sales is that you’re actively promoting FanFuel brands.

If your sales volume drops, not a problem – Google updates happen after all! We’ll still pay full repeat commissions. If you remove FanFuel brands from your websites we reserve the right to not pay repeat commissions to inactive (or suspended) affiliates, at our discretion.